5 Motorcycle Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Owning a motorcycle used to be a typical boy’s dream back then. But as at today, there are so many women who are absolutely so in love with their bikes. The truth is that it is one of the best locomotives ever since it was first introduced. Just like any other vehicle, it is vital that you maintain it in the proper way. If not, the durability and the degree of functionality would be less always. More than that, you should not make mistakes when taking care of your bike since that could b sabotaging than not taking care of it at all. Here are 5 bike maintenance mistakes to avoid.

Excessive chain lube

Permitting the bike chain to rotate properly is quite important, but what’s problematic is when you apply too much chain lube. When you do so, it will drip the oils to the body of the bike and start to accumulate layers. In addition, too much lube in the chain also increases the chances for the chain to be out of place as well. That’s why you shouldn’t do it.

Paying less attention to the brakes

What’s the use of a vehicle with malfunctioning brakes? Exactly! Pretty useless. This is why not repairing the brakes is a very horrid mistake. The reason for brake failures could be due to the breaking of brake cables. For this, you need proper cables for motorcycle replacements so that your brakes will be fine again. Trying to repair your brake cables isn’t so practical, even if you got it repaired somehow, it will not last longer.

Not replacing the tires when needed

Without ideal friction, no vehicle would move on the roads. Based on the same theory, the lesser the friction is, the slippery the locomotion would be. When you understand that the cut marks on the tires are almost invisible, it is the time to replace them, period. If not, rainy nights on your bike could be deadlier than it already is.

Poor clutch conditions

The gear transmission of any bike is regulated by the clutch. If you have a hard time at gear transmission, it could be due to failures of the clutch cable.

Once again, this calls in for a replacement. If you feel like your service station doesn’t possess quality replaceable items, reach out to recognized cable makers and get down what you need. That way, you won’t have to be so paranoid about what goes inside the clutches.

Not repairing the headlights on time

How can a near-toppling vehicle like a bike could possibly be ridden in the night without proper lights? When taken as an indication of your presence, proper headlights could be the reason why you save your life. That why you should not disregard its importance at any cost.